National Save Vaping Day

Your friendly reminder That It’s

Time to Act

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On Monday, October 7th, we are asking vape shops, online retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and other entities that want to see vaping survive to donate some, or even all, of their profits for the day to the American Vaping Association (AVA) and the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA). Additionally, we are asking vapers around the United States to support small vape businesses around the United States on October 7th by shopping at businesses participating in National Save Vaping Day. We suggest donations be split between the organizations equally.


By clicking on ‘Donate to AVA’ and ‘Donate to CASAA’ it will take you directly to their sites. By donating ON October 7th, the funds will be split evenly between AVA and CASAA

We are asking that donations be made to both the AVA and CASAA equally because both organizations are fighting non-stop for adults to have continued access to flavored vaping products.

Since the 'vaping-related' lung illness story started in the news, AVA President Gregory Conley has been constantly in the media pointing out that the legal and regulated nicotine vaping products industry should not be blamed for conditions associated with illicit THC vaping products. He also travels around the country speaking on and doing media in the defense of vaping products and tobacco harm reduction. AVA will use donated funds to support the expansion of their current operation, including a major professional public relations effort with a firm that specializes in crisis communications.


How do i donate?

Scroll up to the top of the page and hover your mouse over the ‘Donate’ tab. Select ‘Donate to AVA’ and ‘Donate to CASAA’.
Yes, even $5 will make a difference.

What if I don’t have funds to donate?

You can encourage businesses and consumes to get involved by sharing our message mission along with our website or Facebook page.
Also, by following CASAA’s Call to Actions. Do not just stop at the emails - We need phone calls.

There are a few other ways…

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I was a smoker for 6 years. I said I’d never quit - It wasn’t possible. I met my boyfriend and he said he’d never marry a smoker. He didn’t want time actively working against his future. It’s been 2 years since I made the switch to vaping. Guess who just went ring shopping?!
— Marissa (25) - WI Resident whose favorite flavor is raspberry French vanilla
When I was 12 years old, I turned onto smoking cigarettes. Twenty-six years later, I was a three-pack a day smoker can’t go upstairs without getting dizzy and lightheaded, can’t play with my kids without gasping for air and on occasion coughing up blood in the mornings. In 2012 a good friend of mine introduced me to the second generation of E-Cigarettes and the open tank system. Within three months, I was only vaping, and I had decided to start a business with my wife and help others quit smoking with E-cigarettes. Fast forward to the present day. We now have a full-scale manufacturing facility and 13 stores in the Midwest. We have helped 10s of thousands of customers quit smoking and move onto a healthier lifestyle. Harm reduction was our goal, and we have achieved it over and over again. Our companies employ nearly 100 people today, and most of these people are ex-smokers who love the fact they are making a difference in public health. I personally no longer vape.
— Gavin (42) - MN Resident Who Quit using Blueberry Muffin



We will continue to orchestrate efforts to fund the organizations who educate and inform the masses of the positive impact of vapor products on public health.


Who Our Efforts Currently Support

AVA | The American Vaping Association

CASAA | Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association